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Best Places & Avoiadable Places - Jaipur

Best places to visit and avoiadable places in Jaipur so you can fully optimize your holidays

7 Must-to-go attractions & some Avoidable Places

Details of important tourist attraction and places in Jaipur.

Glance into Jaipur with a discerner traveler's eye & visit the 7 must-to-go attractions!


A city of vibrant colours, bursting with cultural credence and historical legacy is now a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site-welcome to this colourful city-Jaipur which bespeaks the stories of architecture, history, culture and royal legacy.

The pristine monuments carved exquisitely with sand stones narrate the tale of opulence and grandeur of the Rajput rulers making it a must-visit destination on tourists' to-do list, while there are a few destinations which can be avoided if tourists are keen to soak the cultural legacy of this historical city.

Let's explore the spectacular sojourn of this city to find out the best to do things in the city:


Must visit Places:


1. Nahargarh Fort

If you want to explore history, scenery and marvel of the medieval architecture, then Nahargarh is a place to be. Situated in the lap of the pristine Aravali hills, Nahargarh is a place to treat your eyes with pristine scenes of sun rise and sun set.

A food court and a restaurant situated on top of the fort extends an excellent view to travel discerns. The Jaipur wax museum and glass palace inside should be explored by the discerning traveller.


2. Jal Mahal

Situated in the heart of Man Sagar Lake, Jal Mahal gives one of the most picturesque sites it being surrounded by majestic hills and pristine blue water around. The bird watchers can have the best time here as diverse species of avians can be spotted in and around the lake. The artefacts and souvenirs shops around the lake can help you take back beautiful memoirs in the form of handmade artistry while a camel ride can give you memories for life.


3. Hawa Mahal

A brilliant architecture with red and pink sand stones symbolise a marvellous honey-combed design with over 900 intricately carved "Jharokhas". Allowing proper ventilation inside the palace, they make the interiors of the palace cool and airy even when summers are at its peak. Bask in the glory of this excellent design by visiting its top floor and enjoy the panoramic views of the city which are sure to leave your speechless with its architectural marvel. As Rajput females had to abide by paradah system, this palace was built to ensure they can have glimpse to royal festivals celebrated on city streets while they being staying away from common man's sight.


4. Amer Fort: Amer

Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a scenic marvel standing on top of a mountain next to captivating Maota Lake. The majestic appearance of the fort blends Hindu and Mughal architectures making it exquisite and charming site. Constructed by Man Singh, the palace dates back to 16th century and is built with red sandstone in stark contrast with white marble inside. The palace takes you into the royal world of kings and queens. There are elephants which take the tourists up till the ridge of the main entrance making them feel to be the members of the royal club. The sheesh mahal inside the fort embedded with exquisitely carved stones and glasses present the story of the rich artistrt skills followed by the craftsmen in those eras.


5. Jaigarh fort

Jaigarh Fort is a must-visit for those who have penchant to explore princely states and the diverse collection of armour and weapons once used by erstwhile royals.

The world's largest canon of the world, Jaivana, showcased here is a must-to-see for history buffs.

The Fort also presents stunning view of Aravalli hills spread around and the Amer Fort.


6. Jantar Mantar

Enjoying the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a must-visit place for historians, astronomers and travellers who are curious to study the brilliant past of this royal city. Built in the year 1738 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh who was quite interested in astronomy, the monument accommodates diverse and impressive collection of astronomical instruments. The world's largest sun dial, 'Samrat Yantra' in the observatory is a must-to-see here. This astronomical heritage site speaks the stories of brilliant architecture defining the astronomical and cosmological concepts of the founder of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh.


7 City Palace

The 'City Palace' built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh showcases a unique combination of Rajput, Mughal and European architecture. If you are keen to know about the royal lifestyle of the past kings and queens of this historic city and are also interested in exploring art and architecture, you should should visit this complex which presents the diverse designs of courtyards, gardens and special structures inside the palace complex. The palace complex houses beautiful art galleries and museums showcasing enchanting antique collection of armours, carriages, costumes and artefacts of the royal family.


Avoidable places in Jaipur

While these seven places drenched with rich history are a must to visit for a discerning traveller, there are places which can be avoided due to time crunch.

These include

Moti Doongri temple,

Galta temple,

Jaipur zoo,

Street food should also be avoided as it can provide dear for a tourists' health at time. Ensure that you take Jaipur trip in winters to soak the sun bath and nature's delight at its fullest!


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